Sean Montgomery, Ireland
As a foreign national, I was concerned about buying a property in Budapest, but after meeting with Daphna and her team I was very pleased with their level of expertise. They advised on location, type, size, price etc. all negotiations were done through Central Management and the purchase and takeover of the property was smooth and easy. I feel confident and hopeful about renting my home through Central Management Company and will be very happy to give my positive reference and recommendations. Kind regards, Sean
March, 2010
Roger Keller, United Kingdom
I really appreciate it! You guys are great! It's hard to own property in another country, but you guys make it easy... You can put that in a testimonial somewhere... Thanks, Roger
June, 2011
Helen Foster, New York
My Property was standing vacant for over 1 year, my previous management company charged me monthly fees regardless and I always received emails with the same excuse – “slow market”, “apartment needs renovations” etc. I heard about Central on one of the blogs and contacted them, thinking “it can’t get any worse”, I was pleasantly surprised!! From the time I contacted Daphne at Central Management, she and the other staff were attentive, efficient and much more experienced than I was at property management. They sent me a complete report of the current status of my apartment regarding utilities and general state, paid off all the debts that accumulated due to neglect of my previous management company and brought it up to date, within 2-3 weeks the apartment was rented out to a Norwegian student and she has been living there for 2 years now. I am very happy to recommend the services of Central and hope that we have many years of working together in the future as well Thank You, Helen
September, 2011
Tenant of apartment
Hi my name is Beate, I am a third year medical student, and I have been renting this apartment from Central for almost 3 years. And I am very happy with the services of this company. Whenever I have a problem, they are always available to help day or night. Renting an apartment from Central is a nice experience and their staff is helpful and always polite. Thank you to Helen my landlord she is patient and kind never complained when I was late with rent and always willing to consider replacing or buying additional furniture and appliances for the apartment. I will definitely keep living in this apartment for the duration of my studies. May, 2013
Tom and Minnie, Australia
Tom and I are beyond please with Central Management!! You guys make everything seem so easy. Daphne, your staff is professional and efficient. We are no longer constantly stressed and feel like we are being taken advantage of. A big thank you to your great team from the other side of the world!! Kisses, Tom and Minnie
July, 2010
Hey guys, Minnie here
Yes we are still happy with Central and will not even consider another management company!! Love always. M.
March, 2012
Sam and Elaine Binder, Israel
Dear Central Management kft, After hearing the rumors and speaking with Daphne about all that has gone down the past year we were very concerned about the future of the company and our business with them. However, your honesty and transparency won us over – again. Daphne we trust you completely and even though we had our doubts we are happy that we stayed with your company. As always your team is efficient and helpful, and I would like to extend my gratitude to Chris and Lila for all their help during the past few months. I will gladly recommend your services to anyone. Sincerely, Sam and Elaine
April, 2014
Joan Kavanagh, Ireland
2 years ago, I had my first contact with Central Properties. They really helped me to get out of my previous property management nightmare. Their staff took over the management of the property in a very clear and professional way. They began to market it, even when it was not the ideal time to find tenants. They found a quality tenant that has been there since. Service is excellent... we always receive clear and (almost) immediate answers to our different questions. The staff is always trying to help and advice with different matters that we were not aware of. They even agreed to be our local representatives for our company and for this property, and help us with all the formal matters linked to the property. What a huge difference... when you know and feel you have someone there that is truthful and dependable and will take care of any problem almost immediately. They make everything clear and simple, and I am glad to recommend Central Management to everyone Joan
February, 2014
Frank Szilva, UK
I am very impressed and grateful for your professional and prompt handling of the renting out of my home! Thank you so very, very much! Thanks, Frank
January, 2014
Eddie O’Keefe, Ireland
I wanted to thank you guys for all your help these past few years, I can’t believe it’s been 10 years!!! I think this is the longest relationship I’ve ever had April, 2014
Jonathan Hill, Ireland
Central Management has managed apartments for me in Budapest for 3 years. Having chosen them from a number of possible companies I have been very pleased with my choice. During this time I have not had to worry as their management team has looked after all aspects, from managing repairs to the collection of rents and payment of utility bills. This is especially important for me as an absentee owner. I have no hesitation in recommending them to any future clients. May, 2009
Andy Gainsford, United Kingdom
More than a pleasure to give you a positive reference. I have been working with you for quite a few years now, and very happy with the professional manner of handling of the maintenance and financial management of the properties. You and your staff are always available, and anything I have asked for has always been handled in a timely manner. I am very happy should you want to pass on my contact details and I will speak to your interested client. August, 2009
Rachel and Yaakov, Israel
We have been clients of Central since 2007, we are very pleased with the services and the professional conduct of Daphna and her staff. This apartment was bought though Daphna’s mother and we enjoyed working with her very much. Since then we renovated the apartment and replaced all the furniture and appliances with the recommendation and assistance of Daphna, she made it all very easy. The apartment is almost always rented. Even when the real-estate market was very bad in Hungary, we listened to their advice and lowered the rent and still the flat was rented and so we had no loss of income and no expenses paid from our pockets. Thank you Daphna for all your hard work and regards to your staff. Rachel
March, 2014
Lilach, Israel
Dear Daphna, I wanted to say thank you for the past 4 years. I was renting your apartment and had a very good experience. Klaudia was always fun to visit with when I came to your office to pay my rent and bills. She was very helpful and professional. Anything I asked for was done almost immediately. You have a great staff. Thank you for all your help. Lilach
July, 2011
Michael Orbach, Israel
Thanks so much. You guys are so good about everything. I really appreciate all the heads up when things aren't going well. Shalom, Miki
November, 2013
David Miller, USA
Thanks Daphne, You folks have been totally professional with the rental, so I have a lot of confidence in you. You run a good company. Rock-on, David
January, 2014
Tibor and Kinga Fekete, Szeged, Hungary
Szia Daphna, Even though we are Hungarians and live only 3 hours from Budapest, we decided to use Central Management Company to help us rent out and manage our apartment in Budapest. We speak very little English and cannot communicate with foreign tenants. The staff in Central speaks several languages band make it easy for us to communicate. We travel every 3 months to Budapest to meet with Daphna and collect the rent. We have been doing this for almost 8 years and are very happy with the service. Köszönöm, Tibor
December, 2013

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