High level accounting and tax advise services in Hungary

Are you searching for an accountancy office, which can provide the financial, taxation and consolidation reports for both Hungarian and foreigners? Well look no further! The perfect choice is Central Management Ltd. for your company.

Our office has been carrying out bookkeeping and employment services primarily to local Hungarian companies of international and European investors for over 10 years.

Get a quote and your company can also benefit from the personalized services of our office!

Why choose us? How can we help your company?

Accounting services in line with the international and Hungarian requirements

Full range of accountancy and tax preparation with highly qualified and multilingual personnel.
Customized reports and services.

Tax reports both for companies and for individuals

We prepare annual tax reports both for company and individuals and we submit them to the authorities on time.

Individual reports to the management, to the shareholders and to the auditors

Continuous monitoring of the yearly profit and loss based on the reports provided to our clients by their property managers or developed by our office.

Legal and tax advice

If you do not have enough information in setting up a business in Hungary, we can provide free advice either by email, by phone, or in person.

Registered seat and virtual office services

There is no domestic premise, where to register your business or activities not need office space? Using our virtual office services and your official notifications and letters arrive in time to you.

Tax planning

Compilation of short and long term tax strategies, selection of the optimal tax structure.

On-site bookkeeping for bigger firms

We can perform the bookkeeping and the employment services even at your office, so you can get information quicker and our colleague will exclusively deal with your company's affairs.

Accounting and financial policy preparations

Accounting Policy, Cash Management Regulations, Work and Fire Protection, Risk Assessment? By our staff and our contracted partners you can fulfill all legal obligations and won't be threatened by fines.

Representation before authorities

In case of tax audit, labor inspection our colleagues represent your company before the authorities. If tax certificate is required, we can also take care on your behalf.

Labor and payroll services

Payroll of employee's incomes and benefits, full employment records, preparing tax returns.

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